QLD Festival of Dressage Circa 2013 -2015


For a number of years this was the official website for the QLD Festival of Dressage.
Content is from the site's 2013-2015 archived pages providing just a small glimpse of the type of information and news this site offered its readers.
Check out the most up-to-date information on their facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/qldFOD/

The Queensland Festival of Dressage is an event, quite literally, like no other. Originally born in 2007 as a fundraising day, the Festival has since gained enormous popularity as a day not to be missed on the calendar. Festival goers purchase tickets months in advance to enjoy a full day of live training demonstrations, masterclasses with International coaches, and equine health presentations. Included is the annual fashion parade and the live Stallion Parade with silent auction of the Stallion service fees. Everyone also saves as much as they can for the famous trade village, the largest equestrian trade village, in Queensland! This is a day for all horse lovers to come together to learn, grow and celebrate the beauty of the horse, and the beauty of the sport. We welcome all to come join us.


Saturday 20th July 2015
QLD State Equestrian Centre Caboolture QLD

About Us

The following pages are designed to give an overview of how the Festival came to life, and how it has successfully grown from year to year. Also, as a fundraising event, the Committee pushes every single cent raised from the event back into the equestrian industry, or more specifically, the sport of dressage. Ensure you take the time to read our History and Contribution to the Sport pages so you too, know the incredible Festival story.



The QLD Festival of Dressage program is once again jam packed full of educational and entertaining demonstrations and seminars for dressage enthusiasts of all levels!

Learn and be entertained by our very own QLD State Dressage Squad members as well as international dressage specialists, Australia's top dressage gurus plus too many other well respected equestrian professionals to list!

Be educated, be entertained, be inspired by our 2015 program...

2015 Program

Gates open 8:00am!

8:25am - Opening Address in the Main Arena


Early Morning Session (8:30am - 10:25am)
Equine Interactive Zone
Main Arena
  • Inside the Mind of the Horse - Alistair McLean

  • Horse Anatomy VS Saddle Suitability - Peter Horobin

  • The Opening Performance - Carriage Driving Extravaganza

  • Achievable Dressage / How to Improve Your Marks - Lea Bierman

  • Pryde's EasiFeed Masterclass #1 When and Where to Start in Dressage - Bjarne Elefsen

  • Special Performance #1 Win a lesson on GP horse display - Leesa Murray & APH True Seville

Late Morning Session (10:25am - 12:45pm)
Equine Interactive Zone
Main Arena
  • Be as Fit as Your Horse - Rebecca Ashton

  • Tips for Presenting like a Professional - Amanda O'Sullivan

  • The Demands of Grand Prix on the Dressage Horse - Jenny Gehrke & Jayden Brown

  • Race Track to Riding Horse - Alistair McLean

  • Tips for Training Hot Horses - Mattea Davidson

  • Tips for Training Lazy Horses - Sue Hearn

  • MITAVITE Presents - Kid's Games Medley

12:45pm - QLD Hire Fashion Parade & 1st Raffle Draw

1:30pm - IHB Stallion Parade & 2nd Raffle Draw

Early Afternoon Session (2:10pm - 3:20pm)
Equine Interactive Zone
Main Arena
  • Understanding and Managing Equine Maturity Rates from 3yo to 20yo - Elizabeth Owens & Lesley Goff

  • Saddlefit Diagnostics - Peter Horobin

  • Special Performance #2 Reining VS Dressage display - Tor van den Berge & Kane Masters

  • Pryde's EasiFeed Masterclass #2 Developing the Ability to Collect - Bjarne Elefsen

  • Freestyle Performance - Victoria Welch & Glogau

Late Afternoon Session (3:20pm - 5:00pm)
Equine Interactive Zone
Main Arena
  • No Hoof, No Horse - Grant Garcia

  • Building Dressage Arenas - Todd Cunningham

  • How to Improve Sitting Trot (Balanced Rider = Happy Horse) - Rebecca Ashton

  • Strathearn Insurance QLD Young Rider Dressage Squad - FEI Pas De Deux

  • Tips for Training the Differing Stages of Flying Changes - Gary Lung

  • Silent Auction Winners Announced

Evening Entertainment in the Main Arena (5:00pm - 6:20pm)

5:00pm - Pryde's EasiFeed Masterclass #3 Progressing Towards FEI and Grand Prix - Bjarne Elefsen

5:45pm - Thank-you Presentations

5:50pm - Final Raffle Draws including APH True Seville Raffle & Stephen Clarke Lesson Raffle winners

6:10pm - Grand Finale QLD State Dressage Squad Performance

* Please Note: Our 2015 program is is subject to minor changes.




Amongst the abundant action that is the QLD Festival of Dressage, sometimes you will just need a break!

There's plenty to enjoy in the main arena when you’ve absorbed all the knowledge you can, such as the Stallion Parade and demonstrations from our other celebrities.

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Laugh out loud at our comical acts, sit back and celebrate the beauty of the horse with the freestyle demonstrations or take a stroll and check out the range of other entertainment we have on-hand outside the main arena, like the Fashion Parade or you could even meet the stars of the dressage world!





We’ve lined up some of the very best riders and trainers from the QLD State Squad, as well as carefully selected interstate AND international guests, to conduct our educational demonstrations and interactive sessions. They'll be sharing their skills and experience, so you can benefit and get the most from your horse in the Dressage arena!

The Main Arena offers a fantastic array of world class guest speakers with the major draw card being the multiple Masterclasses throughout the day with our international guest presenter.

The Equine Interactive Zone is the place to be for expert advice and information covering many different riding and general equine management topics.





Saturday 20th July 2013
QLD State Equestrian Centre Caboolture QLD


The 2013 QLD Festival of Dressage program is once again jam packed full of educational and entertaining demonstrations and seminars for dressage enthusiasts of all levels!

Learn and be entertained by our very own QLD State Dressage Squad members as well as international Dressage specialist Annemieke Vincourt, international FEI pony Nobis Jules, international sensation Harold the Horse and other Australian equestrian professionals such as cross discipline experts Shane and Mattea Davidson, National A Level Grand Prix judge Irene Bakels-Noreen, leading sports psychologist Jonah Oliver, equine nutritional therapist and herbalist Antoinette Foster, plus so many more!

2013 Program

8:25am - Opening Address in the Main Arena

Early Morning Session (8:30am - 10:30am)
Seminar Centre
Main Arena
  • Pony Dressage in QLD - Lyndie Easton, Maria Schwennessen and Helena Shanal

  • Bits and Bitting - Anita Marchesani

  • Opening Performance - Pas de Deux - Danielle Shearer and Sheridyn Ashwood

  • The Purpose of the Dressage Movements - Jacqui Huppert

  • Freestyle Performance

  • What is the Judge Looking For - Irene Bakels-Noreen and Liz Owens

  • Riding Through a Test - Emma Flavelle

Late Morning Session (10:30am - 12:30pm)
Seminar Centre
Main Arena
  • Thriving Under Pressure 'The Psychology of Competitive Riding' - Jonah Oliver

  • Be the Athlete You Want Your Horse To Be - Rebecca Ashton

  • Live Scoring - Anita Barton, Irene Bakels-Noreen and Gary Lung

  • Harold Returns!

  • International Equine Connections Masterclass 'Working with Young Horses' - Annemieke Vincourt

  • The Benefits of Cross Training - Shane and Mattea Davidson

  • Elf paints for charity

12:30pm - Horsezone Fashion Parade

1:10pm - IHB Stallion Parade in the Main Arena

Early Afternoon Session (1:50pm - 3:30pm)
Seminar Centre
Main Arena
  • Optimal Performance Begins with the Right Diet - Antoinette Foster

  • The Importance of Conformation for a Dressage Horse - Vince Corvi

  • IC Frith QLD State Young Rider Squad Quadrille

  • Overcoming the Fear Factor - Jonah Oliver

  • Dressage QLD Pony Display

  • International Equine Connections Masterclass 'Developing Collection' - Annemieke Vincourt

Late Afternoon Session (3:30pm - 5:25pm)
Seminar Centre
Main Arena
  • Getting Started in Dressage - Leasa Stephen

  • The Olympic Journey - Rebel Morrow

  • Autograph Session with Rebel Morrow, QLD State Dressage Squad Members, Elf and Harold The Horse

  • Freestyle Performance

  • Exercises to Overcome the Natural Crookedness of the Horse - Anjanette Harten

  • Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better - Tor van den Berge and Fishermans Friend VS Harold the Horse

  • The Step to Medium Level - Jenny Gehrke

Evening Entertainment in the Main Arena (5:25pm - 7:00pm)

5:25pm - Winners of Silent Auction Announced

5:35pm - International Equine Connections Masterclass
'Developing Piaffe and Passage' - Annemieke Vincourt

6:20pm - Final Raffle Draws and Thankyou’s

6:30pm - Greystone QLD State Squad Extravaganza

6:45pm - Grand Finale!



. : Latest News : .

Congratulations to QLD Dressage rider Sheridyn Ashwood for her clean sweep at the 2013 Sydney CDI, winning the Grand Prix, the Grand Prix Special AND the Grand Prix Freestyle!

Sheridyn and Prestige VDL will be opening the 2013 Horseland QLD Festival of Dressage in a Pas de Deux display with the stunning Riverview Cinderella and Danielle Shearer, who were also very successful at the 2013 Sydney CDI.

Set your alarm clocks early and don't miss out on seeing this amazing musical tango.
Have you ever thought about what it takes to represent your country at the highest level? Have you ever dreamed of being there yourself?

Hold onto the edge of your seats as Australian representative at the 2004 Athens Olympics, Rebel Morrow, takes us through the joy, the tears and the hard work behind that culminating moment. Don’t miss this seminar 'The Olympic Journey'.
2013 Program now online!
The great news just keeps on coming! We are excited to announce that leading Sports Psychologist - Jonah Oliver, will be presenting 'Overcoming the Fear Factor' in the Seminar Centre at the 2013 Horseland QLD Festival of Dressage.
2013 Trade Village is taking shape!

Gold class tickets are selling quickly. Please note they are sold on a 'first in best dressed' basis, the sooner you buy your tickets the closer you will be to the action!
We are so excited to announce that ELF - The Little Grey Pony will be returning to the 2013 Horseland QLD Festival of Dressage!

Elf has an ever-growing fan base of admirers since surviving a horrific ordeal in 2010. He returns to the QLD Festival of Dressage to show us his latest talent, painting.

Limited outside food items and snacks are permitted at the 2013 Horseland QLD Festival of Dressage.

Please note outside items that will not be accepted on the QSEC grounds include:

  • Glass (bottles, containers etc.)
  • Metal (cutlery etc.)
  • Alcohol
  • Thermos flasks containing hot water
  • Large coolers
  • Outside take away foods (McDonalds, KFC etc.)
There will be a wide range of food and drink options available from the food court on the day.
Check out our 2013 Stallion Parade!

Stallions on display have been carefully selected, with a variety of local and imported bloodlines. Take your pick from the magnificent line up of stallions we've chosen for 2013...
Antoinette Foster, equine nutrition guru, to be presenting a seminar at the 2013 Horseland QLD Festival of Dressage.

Antoinette offers natural health solutions and feeding recommendations for all types of horses. Antoinette shows horse owners how to improve the health and wellbeing of their horses while cutting the cost of feeding dramatically which is good news!

The dynamic duo, Shane and Mattea Davidson, are returning to present at this year's event!

Highly successful cross discipline experts, Shane and Mattea Davidson, explain how and why cross training can improve your horse's paces and gymnastic ability on the flat.

Want to know what the judge's are looking for? Liz Owens and Irene Bakels-Noreen will enlighten you at the 2013 Horseland QLD Festival of Dressage.

Liz is an accomplished Dressage rider having won 5 National Dressage titles at FEI level, named as a member of the Olympic Athlete program from 1996 to 1999, and she has represented Australia at Grand Prix on two occasions. She is also a National C Level Advanced Dressage Judge and the Riders Representative on the Australian Dressage Council.

Irene has been involved in the Dressage industry for over 50 years. She is a retired International Judge, and a current National Level A Grand Prix Judge and Judge Educator. She is also a Level 2 Dressage Specialist Coach, Coach Educator, and Examiner and an FEI Steward.
Rebecca Ashton from NSW presenting 'Be the Athlete You Want Your Horse To Be'.

Rebecca Ashton is an accredited EA Equestrian Coach, a qualified Pilates Instructor and a Board member of the International Society of Rider Biomechanics. A proclaimed writer for many magazines including The Horse Magazine, Rebecca works with International Dressage competitors around the world.
Harold the Horse set to return to Australia for the 2013 Horseland QLD Festival of Dressage!
International FEI Pony, Nobis Jules (IMP), to feature in the International Equine Connections Masterclass at the 2013 Horseland QLD Festival of Dressage!
Nobis Jules is an 8 year old FEI pony with movement to rival his Dutch Warmblood cousins, an amazing temperament, and a natural talent for collection. He has achieved scores well into the 70's and taken out countless Championships on the International Dutch Pony circuit.
International Equine Connections Masterclass with Annemieke Vincourt confirmed for the 2013 Horseland QLD Festival of Dressage.

Annemieke Vincourt is based in The Netherlands. She is an International Grand Prix competitor, and in 2009 was selected to ride for Holland in the FEI World Breeding Championships, alongside riders such as Edward Gal. She is also a highly accomplished "Federal Trainer", training all levels of riders and their horses through the levels into the International circuit.

Annemieke has trained 10 horses to International Grand Prix and is currently ranked 1st in the 2012/2013 National Dutch Championships at small tour level on Kansas C (Krack C), bred and trained by Annemeike.

'Bits and Bitting' seminar with Anita Marchesani confirmed for the 2013 Horseland QLD Festival of Dressage.

Originally from a non-horsey family in Perth, Anita worked as an event groom while finishing University before moving to Sydney. From here, Anita travelled to the United Kingdom where she worked as Head Groom for British Young Rider Team Member, Susanna Barker.

On return to Australia she founded Bella Equestrian - a retail business importing elite products for eventers and dressage riders from the UK and in 2009 she started Bit Bank Australia. Anita advocates a holistic approach to bitting the ridden horse, and Bit Bank Australia is the first service of its kind in Australia to offer a consultation service and 30 day trial.
The 2013 Horseland QLD Festival of Dressage Date announced - Pencil Saturday 20th of July into your diary!